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The Pros and Cons of Living in an RV Full-Time

The Benefits of Living in an RV or Motorhome

With the cost of living rising and an increasing desire to return to the simple way of life, it’s no surprise that people are turning to the mobile lifestyle. Live wherever you want, travel more, and save money while doing it – who doesn’t want that? Or perhaps you’ve retired from work and finally want to live your dream of traveling the country. Whatever the reason may be, living in an RV is the ultimate dream come true.

However, while living in a motorhome has its positives, there are some essential things to keep in mind. Homeownership, whether it’s stationary or mobile, comes with its fair share of responsibilities. This post will cover the good and the bad, as well as tips and things to consider, such as where to get your RV repaired.

Living the Simple Life in an RV

Some homeowners aren’t doing the full-time RVing just for the travel and remote work benefits, but also to live more simply. You don’t need a desire to see the country or a flexible work schedule to live in an RV. Either way, traveling or not, living in a motorhome forces you to cut all the excess out of your life and focus on the simple things.

Space is limited in motorhomes. You will inevitably have to downsize. In the process, you will come to realize how much extra stuff you’ve been holding onto that isn’t necessary. Living in an RV will teach you to leave behind the materialistic attachments you grew to enjoy and instead start appreciating the simpler things in life.

Save Money Living in an RV

Saving money is probably the biggest draw for those wanting to live the full-time RV lifestyle. The most significant cut in cost comes from not having to pay a mortgage or rent. The majority of expenses for an RV come from your monthly payment on the loan used to buy the RV (unless you paid for it in full) and from the cost to park in RV parks. Overall, the price is significantly lower than paying rent or mortgage on a house.

Freedom to Travel in Your Motorhome

Being able to travel anywhere in your RV is another huge plus. The frequency of travel will, of course, depend on your work situation. Still, even if you don’t have a remote job, visiting more places when you do have time off will be easier because you won’t have to pay for airfare or hotel stays.

If you do have a remote job or are retired – the sky is the limit! With an RV, you can travel just about anywhere anytime. You don’t have to limit yourself to RV parks either. There are lots of places in the U.S. where you can park your motorhome that you wouldn’t usually think would be an option. A simple google search or even browsing books on amazon will land you with a variety of resources for finding places to park your motorhome.

The Pitfalls of Living in an RV or Motorhome

As much of a dream as it may seem, there are some downfalls to living full-time in a motorhome. It takes some work and planning and is not as simple as buying a rig and hitting the road.

There is Limited Space in an RV

Though this can also be seen as a positive, having a tiny home can make things seem harder until you get used to the lifestyle. Cooking, for example, can be a challenge. There is not a lot of counter space, and you will need to make multiple runs to the grocery store since there isn’t a lot of space to store food. If you are someone who has a lot of valuables or items that hold sentimental value, it will be hard to find space for all of your things in a motorhome. For some, these aren’t deal-breakers, but it does take some getting used to.

Temperature Control in a Motorhome is Difficult

Unfortunately, motorhomes do not have the best insulation. If it is cold outside, it is going to be cold inside. On the flip side, if it is hot and muggy outdoors, it will be hot and humid inside the Rv as well. Even with air conditioning and heating, it is challenging to keep motorhomes warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot out.

Tips for RV Living

With the freedom of living in an RV also comes unpredictability. Though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You never know where you will end up, who you’ll meet, or what will happen along the way. The key to enjoying the ride is learning how to adapt and go with the flow.

Make Practice Runs in Your Motorhome

Do not, I repeat, do not buy an RV and take off without testing the lifestyle out first. If you’ve never traveled or vacationed in a motorhome before, there are a lot of things you will have to learn. Taking a couple of small practice trips first will ease you into it and make the whole journey a lot more enjoyable.

Keep a Budget for Your RV Travels

Though living in an RV full-time can save you big bucks, there are also a lot of ways the money can quickly rack up if you aren’t careful. If you jump from place to place frequently or only stay in RV parks, gas money and the cost to stay in the parks can add up quickly. Eating out is another thing that can increase your budget if you are deterred from cooking in a small kitchen. Keeping a budget might not seem like fun, but it will pay off in the long run.

RV Towing TucsonWhat to Do If Your RV Needs Repairs

Just as a house needs to be maintained, RVs and motorhomes will also occasionally require maintenance. It’s a good idea to put aside a little money every month for unexpected repairs that may pop up while you’re on the road. Before heading out on each trip, it’s also a good idea to research some places along your route that specialize in RV repairs. Having insurance with a company that has roadside assistance will be highly beneficial as well.

Mobile Maintenance & Towing

For quality RV repair in Tucson, AZ, contact Mobile Maintenance & Towing. We perform repairs on all makes and models of RVs and can get you back on the road in no time! Our staff of ASE certified technicians provides professional service making sure that the job gets done quickly and efficiently.



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The Pros and Cons of Living in an RV Full-Time

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