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Need heavy truck repair in Tucson? MMT provides mobile heavy truck repair along with 24/7 emergency towing service for Tucson and the surrounding areas.

Convenient Mobile Truck Repair & Towing in Tucson

Mobile Maintenance & Towing, an ASE-certified, family-owned and operated tow truck and heavy truck/fleet vehicle repair shop, has proudly offered 24/7 towing service, mobile maintenance, and roadside assistance to the community of Tucson and the surrounding area since 1999. Whether you are pulling off the highway and driving up to the shop for general maintenance or find yourself stuck on the side of the road, Mobile Maintenance & Towing has you covered. We offer general automotive maintenance and repair on all types of cars, trucks, and SUVS in addition to fleet vehicle and heavy truck services. We can service your truck or fleet on-site, on the road, or at our shop. We are fully equipped to care for your everyday commuter vehicle and your light, medium, and heavy trucks and trailers. We are conveniently located off Interstate 10.

Mobile Maintenance & Towing LLC | Truck Repair in Tucson
Mobile Maintenance & Towing LLC | Truck Repair in Tucson

Premier General Automotive Maintenance & Repair in Tucson

Mobile Maintenance & Towing offers a winning combination of general automotive repair, servicing all vehicles, from sedans to pickup trucks to vans, and fleet services, heavy truck and trailer repair, and top-notch customer service. Our comprehensive approach to heavy truck and trailer repair and maintenance ensures that every part of your vehicle is looked after and taken care of. 


At Mobile Maintenance & Towing, we strive to do one thing well: provide premier, comprehensive, and thorough fleet maintenance services, light, medium, and heavy truck repair, and 24/7 towing services at a competitive price. We are dedicated to the motorists of Tucson and the surrounding area. We strive to ensure that we meet the highest standards of fleet & heavy truck repair and maintenance. Our mission to provide repair, maintenance, and customer service sets us apart from the rest. We want to get back onto and keep you safely on the road for years.


Reliable Tucson Towing, Fleet, and Heavy Truck Services

At Mobile Maintenance & Towing, we offer a wide array of services to keep your light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks and fleet vehicles performing optimally. We are a full-service heavy truck and trailer/fleet vehicle shop. We offer 24/7 mobile truck and trailer repair and can meet you anywhere. Our large shop has eight bays and four lifts and has been family-owned and operated since 1999. Our shop is prepared to tackle any issue your fleet vehicle or heavy truck or trailer may have, including but not limited to roadside assistance, such as flat tires, jump starts, fuel deliveries, car battery replacements, and lockout assistance, to in-shop services, such as diesel and gas engine repairs, DEF and emissions services, fleet maintenance programs, clutches, transmission repairs, DOT inspections, and trailer repairs.

Call us to request a tow or schedule your heavy truck, trailer, or fleet vehicle maintenance service or repair today.


24/7 Towing Services


24/7 Roadside Assistance


ADOT Inspections


General Fleet Maintenance & Repair Services


In-Shop Preventative Maintenance & Repairs


Mobile Fleet Repair


Heavy Equipment Repair


Oil Change / Lube Service


Customized Company Inspection


Electrical Diagnosis Services


Mobile Battery Replacement Services for Light, Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Mobile Maintenance & Towing LLC | Truck Repair in Tucson

Cargo Tank Inspection and Testing services tailored specifically for MC 307 & DOT 407 tanks.

Cargo Tank Inspection and Testing services tailored specifically for MC 307 & DOT 407 tanks.

Ensuring the safety and integrity of cargo tanks is paramount in the transportation industry. Our expert team is dedicated to providing thorough inspection and testing services to meet regulatory requirements and industry standards.


With our commitment to quality and safety, you can trust us to deliver reliable results and peace of mind. Whether you require routine inspections or specialized testing, we're here to ensure your cargo tanks meet the highest standards of safety and compliance.


Contact us today to learn more about our Cargo Tank Inspection and Testing services for MC 307 & DOT 407 tanks and how we can support your transportation needs.

We offer a comprehensive range of inspection and testing services, including:

  1. External Visual Inspection: Our certified inspectors meticulously examine the external components of MC 307 & DOT 407 tanks, looking for signs of damage, corrosion, or other potential issues.

  2. Internal Visual Inspection: Utilizing advanced inspection equipment, we conduct detailed internal assessments of the tanks to identify any defects, wear, or contamination that may compromise their integrity.

  3. Leakage Test: We perform rigorous leakage tests to detect any leaks or weaknesses in the tank structure, ensuring that your cargo remains secure during transportation.

  4. Pressure Test: Our pressure testing procedures assess the structural integrity of MC 307 & DOT 407 tanks under varying pressure conditions, helping to ensure their safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

  5. Lining Test: For tanks equipped with linings, we conduct specialized tests to evaluate the integrity and effectiveness of the lining material, preventing potential leaks or contamination of the cargo.

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Mobile Maintenance & Towing LLC | Truck Repair in Tucson


Mobile Maintenance & Towing LLC | Truck Repair in Tucson



Relax at Mobile Maintenance & Towing in Tucson

At Mobile Maintenance & Towing in Tucson, we know how stressful it can be to have your personal car or fleet vehicle in the shop, which is why we at Mobile Maintenance & Towing strive to make your experience as seamless as possible. We provide free Wi-Fi and offer drop-off and pick-up services. We have a spacious and clean waiting room for you to relax in should you choose to wait while we work on your truck. Call us to schedule a service or repair today. 


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Rely on Mobile Maintenance & Towing. You can count on MM&T to come to you and get you where you need to go.

Proudly Serving the Greater Tucson Region

Since 1999, Mobile Maintenance & Towing has been the greater Tucson’s 24/7 tow & fleet/heavy truck and trailer solution. Over the past 20 years, we have worked hard to build a reputation as Tucson’s most dependable repair shop and 24/7 towing & roadside assistance service.

Call or schedule an appointment today to come and experience why Mobile Maintenance & Towing is the best in the business.

Mobile Maintenance & Towing LLC | Truck Repair in Tucson
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