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Emergency Towing Tucson

Emergency Tow Tucson

Emergency Towing in Tucson

When Tucson’s Sonora sun beats down and your car or truck breaks down on the side of the road, call Mobile Maintenance & Towing for emergency towing service.

We offer emergency towing service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In 30 minutes or less, we’ll drive out to you for any situation, whether your vehicle is in need of mechanical repair, heavy-duty towing, or roadside assistance.

If you’re in a collision with injuries sustained, call 911.

Our Emergency Tow Truck Services

Mobile Maintenance & Towing offers first response towing for accidents of all kinds.

    • Fender Benders: They happen. And when they do, the first thing responsible drivers must do is make sure everyone involved is unharmed. Your car should not be driven if the accident damaged your alignment, caused fluids to leak, or damaged your headlights. Instead, call one of our tow truck technicians, and we’ll tow your car into our shop for immediate repairs.


    • Breakdowns: Faulty batteries are among the most common causes for breakdowns, particularly when temperatures drop and seasons change.


    • Winch-Outs: Our tow trucks come equipped with standard winches that pull car wreckage out of embankments, waterways, sinking sand, you name it.
      We also use winches to pull autos and freighters out of difficult situations. Our experienced technicians have the torque, power, and engineering know-how to safely winch out any vehicle in a bind.


    • Rollover Assistance:: In the event that your vehicle barrel-rolls over an embankment, we have light-duty and super-duty equipment to help upright your car, truck, or trailer to its upright position.


  • Illegally Parked Cars: This happens a lot in downtown If your parking lot, private driveway or loading area is being blocked, we’ll move the car out. Illegal parking in a handicapped zone, for example.


Contact Us For Highway and Roadside Emergencies

As first responders, our duty is to arrive at the scene of an accident or life-threatening situation with the power necessary to lift your vehicle out of jeopardy.

We pride ourselves in offering 24/7 availability and guaranteed quick arrival times within 30-minutes of your call.